Recent Submissions

  • Diseño estructural para un salón comunal en el municipio de aguazul y diseño estructural para la plaza de mercado en el municipio de Aguazul. 

    Rodríguez moreno, Andersson Edward; Sánchez Calixto, Sergio Andrés; Sarmiento Bonilla, Diego Leonardo (Universidad Santo TomásEspecialización EstructurasFacultad de Arquitectura, 2023-10-10)
    The Santo Tomás University, following the humanistic thought of its founder Tomás de Aquino through the department of social projection, has been in charge of carrying out activities that generate the well-being of low-income ...
  • La madera como alternativa viable en la construcción en Colombia. 

    Medina Acevedo, Juan Pablo; Parra Calvo, Sergio Andres (Universidad Santo TomásEspecialización EstructurasFacultad de Arquitectura, 2023-07-24)
    Wood is a material that has physical and mechanical properties that allow it to resist different types of loads, which is why it has been used over the years as a construction material, albeit in an artisanal manner in ...
  • Madera como alternativa de construcción de obras de arte en vías en Colombia. 

    Rodriguez Medina, Jenier Alexi (Universidad Santo TomásEspecialización EstructurasFacultad de Arquitectura, 2023-02-03)
    In the present investigation, it is intended to identify the constructive alternatives implemented in Colombia taking as a reference base, the use of wood in Brazil, described in the framework of the development of the ...

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