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  • Proyecto Oasis: un espacio para la sombra 

    Viilota, Jhon; Mendez, Alexander; Pedroza, Carmen Yuriani (2019-02-05)
    The 1UNUNO WORKSHOP is a first semester course of the undergraduate degree in architecture at the Santo Tomás University, Medellín headquarters, whose objective revolves around the foundation on compositional issues aimed ...
  • Tejiendo JAC desde Cazucá, Soacha. Cartilla audiovisual 

    Quevedo Cruz, Juliana; Ángel Jaramillo, Jairo Ángel (2021-07-15)
    The Communal Action Boards (JAC), are constituted as a body of citizen participation from which there is an empowerment and democratic participation from and by communities, in search of development, well-being and community ...
  • El bosque de Atenea 

    El Bosque de Atenea is a radio project created by practitioners of the Degree in Philosophy and Spanish Language at the Santo Tomás University (Bogotá), and hosted on the YouTube channel that bears the same name. In it, ...
  • Presentación del Proyecto de Desarrollo Comunitario: Implementación de sistemas de generación energética con fuentes renovables para instituciones educativas u organizaciones sociales en los CPS 

    Ortiz Penagos, Nidia Elena; Herrera Jacquelin, François; Huérfano Rodríguez, Karen Juliana; Gómez Contreras, María Camila (2020-03-01)
    Presentation of the Community Development Project carried out in coordination with the CPS Cazucá and the Social Projection and University Extension Unit whose objective was the environmental awareness of children and young ...
  • Concepto jurídico: el término de prescripción en el proceso de responsabilidad fiscal 

    Santacruz Palacio, Sara María (2020-03-10)
    The purpose of this document is to provide a concept regarding the parameters that determine the duration of the Fiscal Responsibility Process in Colombia, taking as reference the Law 610 of 2000. For this, different ...
  • Lineamientos y Directrices de Ordenamiento Territorial del Departamento de Santander 

    Equipo Lineamientos y Directrices de Ordenamiento Territorial (2014)
    The Santander Territorial Planning Guidelines and Directives (LOTSA) have as their guiding principle the voluntary and supportive coordination of actions between political and administrative bodies to develop policies and ...
  • Plan Integral Zonal Ciudad Norte Ciudad Jardín, Bucaramanga P.I.Z. 

    Equipo Plan Integral Zonal Ciudad Norte-Ciudad Jardín (2018)
    The North City - Garden City Zonal Comprehensive Plan corresponds to the landing in the territory of an urban public policy, established in the Territorial Ordinance Plan "POT", through its articulation with the Municipal ...
  • ¿Cómo hacer crecer mi negocio?. Una guía para emprendedores 

    Castro Molano, Geraldine Tatiana (2020-07-30)
    In the framework of the health contingency generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, a high percentage of members of the Cazucá community (Soacha, Cundinamarca) lost their main income strengths and were forced to undertake new ...
  • Prácticas recreo-deportivas y ejercicio físico enfocados a la ocupación del tiempo libre de adultos mayores, pertenecientes al comedor comunitario del barrio Santa Viviana en la localidad Ciudad Bolívar (Bogotá). 

    Abssenwell Rodríguez, Daniel Andrés (2020-09-05)
    This document includes the physical conditioning work in which the older adults belonging to the community dining room of the Santa Viviana neighborhood in Ciudad Bolívar were participants, through sports recess practices ...
  • Ciudad Verde Activa 

    Acosta Bautista, Camila Andrea; Farfan Acevedo, Claudia Valentina; Martínez Zapata, Laura Camila; Cifuente, Laura Daniela (2020-08-12)
    :"Ciudad Verde Activa", is an initiative of ninth semester students of the faculty of psychology of the Universidad Santo Tomás, which emerges as a strategy of intervention and community accompaniment to the inhabitants ...
  • Lineamientos Programa de Voluntariado 

    Herrera Monsalve, Doris Yaneth; Quiroz Agudelo, Ledis Cecilia; Osorio López, O.P. Fray Edgar Gerardo; Tobón Perilla, Luz Natalia; Gómez Serpa, Jorge Alberto; Herrera Jiménez, Angie Norieth; Garay Bernal, Yudy Enerieth; Monroy Bernal, Paola Andrea; Rodríguez Amaya, Edna Liliana (2020-08-12)
  • Video. Lavado de manos 

    Cifuentes Puentes, Janyce (2020-08-24)
    This is an educational video that has as main purpose to teach the steps to a proper hand washing using a didactic apporoach and also to emphasize the importance of selfcare to prevent contagion with COVID-19.
  • Video. El bruxismo 

    Agudelo Cuevas, María Alejandra (2020-08-10)
    Bruxism is a parafunctional activity present the situations of stress or anxiety and sleep disorders that can affect manifesting at the level of oral cavity producing pain, dental and functional alterations, the measures ...
  • Video. Higiene y salud bucal 

    Cifuentes Puentes, Janyce (2020-08-24)
    The main purpose of this video is to educate about the benefits of an adequate oral hygiene, the required implements and the proper way to do it.
  • Video. Hábitos de vida saludable 

    Cifuentes Puentes, Janyce (2020-08-24)
    This educational video define what are the healthy lifestyle habits, the unhealthy practices and give advice to carry on with a healthy lifestyle.
  • Video. Impacto de la bicicleta como medio de transporte más seguro 

    Cásseres Quiroga, Sleendy Vanessa (2020-07-15)
    Public transport is the most used means of transport to get around, and therefore also where there are greater risks of contagion. In the midst of this covid-19 pandemic, and the rapid spread of the virus, it has prohibited ...
  • Video. Mantenimiento y desinfección del cepillo dental 

    Gutiérrez Sánchez, Diana Paola (2020-08-08)
    The toothbrush is a mechanical instrument that plays a very important role in oral hygiene, but at the same time it represents a reservoir of microorganisms from the oral cavity and the environment. For this reason it is ...
  • Video. Cuida tus prótesis dentales desde casa 

    Castellanos Rodríguez, María Camila (2020-08-08)
    In this video I want to teach you how to care for your dentures from the comfort of your home, as well as improving the health of your mouth. These recommendations can help you to have a better quality of life when it comes ...
  • Video. Tips para mantener la calidad del sueño 

    Sánchez Beltrán, Juan José (2020-08-08)
    Maintaining acceptable conditions at bedtime is of utmost importance to maintain an optimal physical and mental condition for the performance of the daily activities of human beings. Although complying with the recommended ...
  • Video. Beneficios de la lactancia materna en la salud bucal 

    Olaciregui Hernández, Maria Camila (2020-08-08)
    Exclusive breastfeeding is the fundamental food for newborns and infants, since it brings great benefits for the development of the oral cavity, influencing the growth of the jaws, strengthening the development of the nasal ...

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