Recent Submissions

  • Semillero de Investigación SFIC 

    Jiménez Martínez, Fabián Steven (2021-06-02)
    The SFIC Seedbed (Seedbed of Applied Physics in Civil Engineering) which belongs to the GRINBIC research group, follows the inspired line of the humanist and Christian thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas, through which our ...
  • Semillero de Investigación ECOWAT 

    Rojas Torres, Oscar Alberto (2021-06-10)
    As a research hotbed for energy recovery (ECOWATT), it is attached to the GRINBIC research group belonging to the Basic Sciences unit, following the humanist and Christian thought of Santo Tomas de Aquino, through which ...
  • Semillero de Investigación FRARI 

    Sánchez Useche, Jorge Mauricio (2021-06-01)
    FRARI is characterized by the use of fractal geometry to address various research processes according to the interests of each line attached to the seedbed.
  • Semillero de Investigación ESPED 

    Rojas Jovel, Dina Luz (2021-06-01)
    One of the most obvious problems when starting undergraduate studies is related to mathematics, specifically in the conceptual bases, generating difficulties during the semester, which is why it is intended to apply a ...
  • Semillero de Investigación INBIOLLANOS 

    Ortega Sánchez, Beatriz Alejandra (2021-06-01)
    INBIOLLANO, is a research hotbed that seeks the development of the plains region through biodiversity research, mainly characterizing native fruits that have the potential to be used in nature or processed. Finally, it ...
  • Semillero de Investigación ADEFUR 

    Villarraga Baquero, Alberto Alfonso (2021-06-01)
    The ADEFUR research seedbed is a space created to stimulate and promote research in students of the Santo Tomas University, Villavicencio headquarters. Within this context, the seedbed works on issues of Renewable Energies ...
  • Semillero de Investigación ZOKAY 

    Moreno Rodríguez, Fabian (2021-06-01)
    The ZOKAY research hotbed is a space created for the research training of students from programs such as Environmental Engineering, although it also helps to train students from schools with which the GRINBIC research group ...
  • Presentación de Signo Distintivo semillero de investigación INBIOLLANO 

    Martínez Molina, Saúl; Serna Bonilla, Ivonne Lucia (2020-12-07)
  • Presentación del signo distintivo Semillero ECOWATT 

    Rojas, Oscar; Hernández, Yenny; Correal, Santiago; Rojas, David; Guzmán, Andrés; Vega-Barbosa, Jennifer (2020-12-07)
  • Presentación de Signo Distintivo Semillero de Investigación ADEFUR 

    Villarraga Baquero, Alberto; Correa Muñoz, Andrés William; Lopez Lizcano, Yeison Laureano; Monroy, Carlos Arturo; Gamboa Pérez, Cesar Julián; Vega Velásquez, Ligui Valentina; Vega-Barbosa, Jennifer (2020-12-07)
  • Presentación de Signo Distintivo Grupo de investigación GRINBIC 

    Moreno, Fabián; Malagón, Luz Miryam (2020-12-04)

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