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dc.contributor.authorDuarte Millán, Angie Vanessa
dc.descriptionThe present research is framed within the qualitative paradigm, which is characterized by studying the reality of a class of 28 second-grade students at “La Cumbre” Technical Institute in the municipality of Floridablanca (Santander) where, through action-research, an active role is assumed to improve reading aloud.The general objective is to strengthen the processes of reading aloud from seven pedagogical workshops based on brain gymnastics exercises focused on improving fluency, pronunciation, intonation and voice volume. It includes participatory observation, evaluation rubrics, audiovisual records and a field diary.As a result, it can be seen that, in order to strengthen the processes of reading aloud, it is important to create spaces in the classroom where orality is stimulated, respect is encouraged and a listening attitude is developed. In addition, it is recognized that the act of reading aloud should be considered as an opportunity to lead children to change their learning and improve academic difficulties, where an integral connection between body communication and language is developed. One of the main conclusions is that, within language learning, it is ideal that teachers and students understand that learning to read aloud is a process. In other words, it is essential to go step by step and to take into account the different skills involved in reading in public.Finally, the study shows a positive response from the implementation of brain gymnastics, since children enhance their communication skills and strengthen intra-personal and interpersonal relationships. Likewise, it allows the teacher to provide constant accompaniment, associated with reflection, flexibility, respect and empathy, recognizing that mistakes can be made and that these errors must be solved calmly, in order to improve the processes in terms of intonation, fluency, voice volume and pronunciation, since it is not only about reading aloud, but also about teaching children to read
dc.publisherUniversidad Santo Tomás seccional Bucaramangaspa
dc.rightsDerechos de autor 2020 Espiral, Revista de Docencia e Investigaciónspa
dc.titleBrain gymnastics as pedagogical mediation to improve the reading aloud of a class of second grade students at “La Cumbre” Technical Institutespa
dc.relation.citationissueEspiral, Revista de Docencia e Investigación; Vol. 10 Núm. 1-2 (2020); 67-85spa

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