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      Key words: access to justice, international justices, ICSDI, World Bank, WTO [1]
      Key words: diversity, pluralism, multiculturalism, plurinationality, plurinational state, relevance [1]
      Key words: laws of science, sociology of law, anthropology of law, legal pluralism, conflict, Latin America. [1]
      Key words: prison system, human rights, punishment, redemption. [1]
      Keywords: Administration of justice, reform, democracy [1]
      Keywords: Administrative contracts, procurement, federal government, electronic media. [1]
      Keywords: Administrative procedures, administrative law, principles, civil office, means of judicial control [1]
      Keywords: Andean integration, the Andean legal system, constitutional law, Constitution [1]
      Keywords: Balance of political power, Constitution, constitutional state, functional division of power, political control, Motion of Censure [1]
      Keywords: Banks of the federal states in Germany, public establishment, monitoring and control. [1]
      Keywords: Bar, lawyers, access to justice, individual rights, due process. [1]
      Keywords: Beccaria, Criminal Law, sanction, principles, system of judging. [1]
      Keywords: Childhood, adolescence, law, sociology, interests, validity and effectiveness [1]
      Keywords: Colombia, knowledge, social control, criminal law, punitive function, research, object of research, knowledge production. [1]
      Keywords: Comparative constitutional law, political activity, politicians, institutions, anachronism, backwardness, stratification, nonconformity. [1]
      Keywords: Constitution of 1991, indigenous people of the Capital District, differential public policy, Agreement 359 of 2009 [1]
      Keywords: Constitution, tyranny, oligarchy, monarchy, aristocracy, democracy, presidential system [1]
      Keywords: consumer law, duty of disclosure, misleading publicity. [1]
      Keywords: criminal law, natural law, positivism, fundamental rights, human rights, international crimes, supralegality, universal principle, transnational crime. [1]
      Keywords: Environmental damage, modern criminal law, transnational corporations. [1]