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dc.contributor.advisorBonilla Mora, Martha Isabel
dc.creatorArtunduaga Pérez, Yaneth
dc.description.abstractThis study is an Action research project that was carried out with seventh graders at Colegio La Inmaculada. The objective of the project was to demonstratehow cultural activities in the classroom influence the learning process of English as a foreign language in the seventh graders at Colegio La Inmaculada. In the development of the research study I designed a didactic unit, based on cultural aspects. Along the development of the research it was possible to clarify the concept of Culture and its influence in the learning process of EFL, taking into account this to develop different activities in the classroom where students´ interests and context are the base to develop a didactic unit and analyze its results. The didactic unit is composed by five lesson plans: 1. Beautiful vacation places in Colombia. 2. Beautiful places in the United States, Mexico, Panamá, and Italy. 3. Native Speaker: Interaction in the classroom. 4. Knowing culture through the meal: United States, Mexico, Panamá and Italy and Colombia. 5. Famous people around the world. According to this, the data was gathered through observations, surveys, interviews and videos. The project shows effectiveness in the activities because they promoted the curiosity of students to know about other cultures, students were motivated to participate in the sessions especially with the native speaker. Additionally, with the present project students are cultural aware of their own cultural aspects and at the same time it promoted the respect for other live
dc.publisherUniversidad Santo Tomásspa
dc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 2.5 Colombia*
dc.sourceinstname:Universidad Santo Tomásspa
dc.sourcereponame:Repositorio Institucional Universidad Santo Tomásspa
dc.titleCultural Influence in EFL Learning in Seventh Graders at Colegio la Inmaculada-Chiaspa
dc.creator.degreeLicenciado en Lengua Extranjera - Inglésspa
dc.publisher.programPregrado Licenciatura en Lengua Extranjera - Inglésspa
dc.publisher.departmentFacultad de Educaciónspa
dc.subject.keywordKnowledge of Culturespa
dc.subject.keywordEnglish learningspa
dc.subject.keywordFoerign contextspa
dc.subject.keywordEFL classroomspa
dc.subject.lembInglés- Enseñanza método bilinguespa
dc.subject.lembInglés- Enseñanzaspa
dc.type.spaTrabajo de gradospa
dc.rights.accesoAbierto (Texto Completo)spa
dc.description.sedeCRAI-USTA Vuadspa

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Atribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 2.5 Colombia
Except where otherwise noted, this item's license is described as Atribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 2.5 Colombia